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Our major activity is the design and production of a wide range of computer software, web and mobile applications, including extensive, multitasking IT systems used in modern procedures of planning, management, control, sales, payments, archiving and logistic flows.

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We gather together creators from various fields - software developers, graphic UI/UX designers, animators, photographers, copywriters, etc., from whom we draw creativity while working on our projects.

This gives us the opportunity to optimally use the versatile talents of our associates, which is of fundamental importance in the end result achieved by joint efforts.

Our specialization is: code audits and refactoring, creating from scratch and modernizing e-commerce stores, implementing cloud solutions, containerization of websites, securing and monitoring application servers or building from scratch and optimizing apps and websites, among others on Woocommerce and PrestaShop platforms.


If your company needs a unique IT system or if you have an idea for an everyday utility application or an entertainment application, please contact us. We will find a way to jointly implement your idea or meet the needs of your company. We are flexible and inventive, so you can count on our full commitment in finding a way to implement the project. We are open to various modes of cooperation.

Our style

In addition to full commitment, diligence and timeliness, versatility and flexibility are our most important features in the approach to working on the projects entrusted to us. We are able to design and plan from scratch, in order to program digital tools or mobile applications with various functionalities, targeted at very different recipients with different profiles and even the most sophisticated expectations and needs.


The ability and experience in coordinating the work of a creators' team involved in the development of the Project, means that we quickly achieve the intended goal, trying to make the best use of the tools at our disposal. Each project may require an individual approach and a broader analysis, as well as the involvement of a team of people of various qualities. We are prepared work as efficiently as possible and save time to create the best possible product.

The Result

The common use of all kinds of software and applications poses serious challenges to the creators of modern software. We are used to specific and dynamically changing standards of the IT industry and requirements for programmers. Our developers use the latest technological tools. Our natural environment are CMSs, frameworks, libraries, PHP languages, Javascript, React js, React Native, Wordpress, Laravel, PrestaShop, Symfony, etc.


We have all the attributes that a modern IT company needs, operating in an increasingly digitized world.

Our experience in various fields allows us to feel confident and boldly move in the maze of new, constantly evolving digital technologies.


We swiftly operate in the world of tough market conditions, where it is a daily necessity to combine and reconcile the world of business and digital technologies. You can expect from us the ability to find a healthy balance between the needs and opportunities and a conscious approach to the economic side of the project.


In addition to the high performance and failure-free operation of our systems, we also attach great importance to their aesthetic and visual side. Our uncompromising approach to maintaining the highest stylistic standards and the search for a unique, sublime style is our showcase.


The highest standards of security and resistance to any threats resulting from functioning in a digital environment are one of the fundamental assumptions of all our systems. We use and constantly implement the latest technologies to protect against problems caused by functioning on the network and hacker activity.

Product strategy

We are familiar with the rules governing the world of marketing and market strategy. By choosing the right tools and adjusting to the expectations of the end user, we are able to meet even the most imaginary needs, still remembering about the end user, flexibly adapting to his needs.


We devote a lot of time and attention to the preparation and planning of the application development process. We assume that well-chosen tools and precise planning ensure faster achievement of the goal and the expected effect while minimizing costs and reducing the time needed to achieve success.

The final result

Our work does not end after the finished project is launched into the world. We want to be actively involved in its evolution and support our Customers in the daily use of our products. We hope to be a part of your success and that you will allow us to adapt our Product to your evolving needs after the project is launched.


Here are examples of some of our most recent Projects:


Unique project of rental service based on PrestaShop

Unique project of rental service based on PrestaShop


Alias integrates e-commerce services with z AliExpress

Alias integrates e-commerce services with z AliExpress


Upgrade with multiple integrations

Upgrade with multiple integrations


Service development with multiple integrations and automations

Service development with multiple integrations and automations


App supporting waste segregation for Bydgoszcz citizens

App supporting waste segregation for Bydgoszcz citizens


e-commerce service

e-commerce service


e-commerce service with product presentations but no direct purchase option

e-commerce service with product presentations but no direct purchase option


e-commerce service

e-commerce service

Hugo Boss

Upgrade and development of App for Hugo Boss stores chain in Germany

Upgrade and development of App for Hugo Boss stores chain in Germany


Let's create something unique together...

Our experience and skills allow us to feel safe in even most complexed Projects - efficiently and taking into account even deepest and serious changes as well as high, unusual requirements, we will help you to develope your Idea. We have extensive experience in optimizing and modifying multiple type of Projects. We also analyze and re-invoice the codes of existing or new applications, we implement scalable cloud solutions. Alpine Group developes containerization processes in existing and new websites and applications. We also specialize in implementing security systems and monitoring application servers. We are ready to engage in complexed IT projects, in which we can participate from the design and work planning process, to launching the application on the market, further care and development.

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